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Hedgehog online shop for Japan.

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Hedgehog Books and Galleryの海外版オンラインショップです。

Hedgehog online shop for overseas.

Hedgehog Books and Gallery

ヘッジホッグ ブックス アンド ギャラリーは、京都・荒神口にある本とギャラリーのお店です。
本の出版やオリジナルプロダクトTHREE TREES FACTORYのグッズ販売のほか、

Hedgehog Books and Gallery was established at Kyoto Japan in 2010.
We are publishing art books and creating unique products,also we have the books which selected from over the world.
In gallery we sell the artist works and hold the exhibitions by artists.
You can find original products of THREE TREES FACTORY in this store.